Thursday, October 14, 2010

DNN Creative Magazine

Welcome to issue 61 of DNN Creative Magazine.

This issue is the beginning of Volume 6, so it's our 5th birthday! We would like to say a special thank you to all of you who have supported us over the past 5 years, it means a lot to us.

In this issue we demonstrate two advanced mapping modules available for DotNetNuke.

To begin, we walk you through how to implement and customize ReachOutsides’ GeoSprawl DotNetNuke Locator Module and demonstrate its potential within a DNN portal. We show you how to add several locations onto a map and give your users the power to search for their closest locations to a specified address or postcode, this is ideal for businesses with multiple store locations.

GeoSprawl Locator can be customized to suit all types of business needs, we show you how to customize the layout, display and styling of the module and explain how to customize specific map functions.

Next we take a detailed look at the ZLDNN Biz Map Module, we demonstrate the modules extensive features such as Google Maps integration and how to implement advanced features such as GeoRSS feeds into map layers. ZLDNN BizMap comes packed with four different integrated modules and we walk you through how to install, configure and use each one.

After following these specialised mapping tutorials you will have a good idea of all the features available and how they can benefit your website and your visitors.

Following this we continue our tutorials on DotNetMushrooms Rapid Application Development software, we show you how to implement pre-defined and custom lists for use in a DNM RAD application, this technique saves a large amount of development time by removing the need to create forms and tables to input list data.

Finally we introduce the first in a new series of Podcasts, we invite David Finley from to talk about the amazing new technology called Microsoft Pivot and the DotNetNuke Pivot module. We then move on to the latest news from the DNN community including the recent ASP.NET security scare.

This issue comes complete with 10 videos.

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